a more INTELLIGENT approach to equipment finance

Beyond Finance.

Redefining equipment finance for equipment needs starting under $100,000 and reaching to $25,000,000 and beyond…

Somerset Capital redefines equipment finance for mid-sized and large companies. Our comprehensive services around the financing of equipment introduce a more intelligent approach to your commercial equipment needs. We understand fluctuating equipment usage and budget challenges. And we believe your equipment finance relationship should empower you to outpace those limitations and extend beyond finance. For more than 35 years, through all economic cycles, Somerset Capital has offered customized, flexible and innovative equipment-driven finance solutions that improve operations and increase return.

As your company evaluates equipment needs, go beyond finance. 


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What makes our approach unique:

  • Asset management services
  • Logistics
  • Asset disposal
  • Asset acquisition
  • Supply of equipment (certain markets)
  • Creative and flexible lease and financial structures
  • International reach throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • 30 years of consistent performance through the cycles

Equipment Solutions that Reach Beyond Finance

Equipment-driven Solutions

With deep experience in the purchase, finance, sale and disposal of commercial equipment across a wide variety of industries across the globe, Somerset is uniquely positioned to offer custom, value-added and highly competitive solutions for commercial equipment needs.

Beyond Borders

Equipment finance solutions for mid-sized and large companies with operations throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Financial Strength

For more than 30 years, Somerset has delivered competitive financing and the services around the financing of equipment consistently…through all economic cycles.

A Superior Experience

Customized finance structures, short and long term equipment solutions, flexible turn-in provisions, logistics management, asset disposal capabilities and even purchasing alternatives represent just some of the comprehensive equipment services that deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

The Somerset Family of Companies and Capabilities

From select vertical market specialties and equipment sales operations to vendor financing and our leading indirect, third party origination team, the Somerset family of companies and capabilities position our customers with unique, flexible and competitive offerings. Click each name below to learn more.

Somerset Equipment Sales, Inc.

Somerset Power Systems

Somerset ATE Solutions Ltd.

Somerset T&M Solutions

Somerset Equipment Finance (UK) Ltd.

Somerset Equipment Finance Ltd. (CAN)

Somerset GSE Capital



Our team is ready to help you take a different, more intelligent approach to your equipment finance