a more INTELLIGENT approach to equipment finance

The best way to lower your equipment downtime costs has nothing to do with maintenance

What is the biggest expense related to equipment operation for your business?

92% of small business owners, 87% of mid-sized businesses and 92% of large corporations all answered the question the same way: Maintenance downtime.

Whether it’s equipment rental, technician repair expense, loss of productivity and even employee dissatisfaction, there are a host of expensive factors that eat into the P&L of businesses and departments with strong equipment needs for operation.… Read more

Brexit, uncertainty and moving beyond an unnecessary pause in capital expenditures

Recent downturns and troubling economic matters have demonstrated that uncertainty breeds timidity. Cautious attitudes towards corporate investment are bantered about whenever there is even the smallest bit of less than appealing news in the global macroeconomic outlook. Now enter Brexit, a both legitimate and media-frenzied gift to fueling uncertain mindsets and fear that keeps capital on the sidelines with growth reserved in a favor of preparing for troubling weather.… Read more

Do equipment finance companies really add value?

Mid-sized and large companies have long counted on leasing, rental and other financial solutions to manage their equipment needs. Over the last several years, more traditional equipment loans, structured capital leasing and simply paying cash have risen in popularity as financial managers approach capital expenditures with a wide variety of highly engineered methods of equipment acquisition.… Read more