a more INTELLIGENT approach to equipment finance

The Customer:

Top global breakfast food and snack manufacturer.

The Challenge:

Replace their fleet of forklifts in multiple packaging and distribution facilities across the US with Automated Guided Vehicles.  Procurement and Finance needed to justify the $15 Million spend on infrastructure, equipment, and service as well as reduce their capital outlay on progress payments and installation.

Going beyond finance:

Somerset was able to structure a 5 year operating lease to include the progress payments, installation and service.  This structure allowed the customer to retain capital, reduce expenses and efficiently manage the 12 month build and installation process.

  • Upgrade from forklifts to automated guided vehicles

  • Leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals and snacks

  • Reduce expenses 

  • Preserve capital

  • Efficiently manage a 12 month installation

  • Progress payment during the build

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